Configure LDAP and SSO

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Configure LDAP and SSO

Configure LDAP

CQ OOTB comes with LDAP module enabled. However you have to enable LDAP authentication with some custom configuration

  • First make sure that your LDAP server is configured and you have credentials to configure LDAP.
  • Make sure that your CQ server can communicate to LDAP server on specified port.
  • To instruct CQ to use LDAP Authentication module, open and edit /crx-quickstart/repository/repository.xml
  • Remove Login module configuration from repository.xml
  • Create ldap_conf.conf file and put it under /crx-quickstart/conf. You can get sample file from here
  • Add following option to JVM_PARAM (See lesson-1 for how to set JVM Param)
  • For example:
  • 32-bit VM:
  • java -Xmx384M -jar crx-quickstart-<version>.jar
  • 64-bit VM:
  • java -XX:MaxPermSize=128m -Xmx512M -jar crx-quickstart-<version>.jar
  • Restart CQ
  • Check if you are able to login using LDAP credentials.
  • For more options like how to configure LDAP Over SSL or on different app server please refer this document

LDAP Frequently Asked Question:

Configure SSO:

Similar to LDAP CQ comes with SSO Authentication handler enabled OOTB

  • The SSO Authentication Handler can be configured to search for a ssid (SSO Identifier) in:
    1. Request Headers
    2. Cookies
    3. Request Parameters
  • The SSO Authentication Handler sets the TrustedInfo attribute. So to enable trusted authentication with CQ, the CRX LoginModule must be configured to recognize the name of this attribute; this is done in repository.xml (or the login module configuration file for JAAS; as referred to in the system property). The name of the configuration parameter is trust_credentials_attribute in both configuration files.
  • For that open to edit /crx-quickstart/repository/repository.xml
  • Add following section for Login Module...

LoginModule class="">

<param name="trust_credentials_attribute" value="TrustedInfo"/>

<param name="anonymous_principal" value="anonymous"/>


  • Configure SSO authentication Handler from felix console by going to <HOST>:<PORT>/system/console/configMgr
SSO Authentication in CQ
  • Restart CQ
  • Check that SSO is working
  • More information about SSO can be obtained from here