We at WCM Consultancy value your career development. It's for this reason that we offer a number of different training courses, both online and offline, across subject areas such as management training, sales training, and personal development.

CQ Administrator Course

The CQ5 System Administrator training focuses on how to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot CQ5. You’ll be introduced to the basic philosophy and concepts of the CQ5 architecture and learn how to integrate CQ5 in a production-level environment. You’ll get an overview of the CQ5 files and directory structure, where to find important log files, and how to adjust the logging configuration. CQ5 Clustering techniques and Backup and Restore are also covered. You will also see how CQ5 can be integrated with LDAP and Single Sign On servers. The course is presented as a well-balanced combination of lecture presentations and hands on exercises.

CQ Developer Course

CQ 5 Developer Training teaches developers the fundamentals of building a custom CQ application, based on templates and components. This includes practice with CQ development techniques such as developing templates and authoring environments for mobile sites and websites, dynamic image rendering, navigation and modularization, using both CRXDE Lite and CRXDE. In-depth lecture presentations and discussions introduce concepts essential to CQ while comprehensive hands-on exercises, using CRXDE, reinforce concepts learned during lecture presentations. The overall goal of this training is to enable developers to create and understand basic CQ development practices and to prepare themselves for project work under the lead of a senior web developer. This course is not intended to provide any custom instruction focused on specific sites or projects

CQ Advance developer Course

CQ5 Advanced Developer Training builds on the basic CQ5 Developer training by introducing developers to the advanced topics of building a custom CQ application based on OSGi, Apache Sling, and JCR. This includes practice with OSGi component development and development topics like Unit Testing and Maven project setup. Other areas that are relevant for successful CQ5 projects, such as dispatcher caching, deployment & packaging and integration methods, are taught. Participants need to have a good understanding of CQ components and templates. Java skills are required.

The overall goal of this training is to enable developers to create and understand advanced CQ development practices and to prepare them- selves for more complicated project work involving integration with 3rd party systems. The participants learn how to structure their code and best practices. This course is not intended to provide any custom instruction focused on specific sites or projects.

CQ Author Course

The CQ5 Author Training course teaches CQ5 features, functionality, and authoring skills based on a standard project environment. This includes a hands-on introduction to CQ’s dynamic publishing, the roles and responsibilities of a content author, and the best way to work with CQ’s content management features. This training enables students to create new web pages based on different types of templates, to update and modify content on a CQ based website, and to use some of the additional functionalities such as Workflow, Campaigns, Newsletters, Reports, and creating and managing Mobile Pages. This course is NOT a developer training; rather it introduces you to the philosophy behind CQ5 and how to administrate content using ready-made templates.