Replication Overview

CQ Replication

Replication Overview

What is Replication in CQ?

Replication is used for 3 main operations in CQ:

1. To move content from CQ Author to CQ Publish. This is called as Forward Replication or Activating content.

2. To explicitly flush the Dispatcher Cache

3. To synchronize user input (Ex: Blog comments) between Publish Instances. This is done via the concept of Reverse Replication.

What are Replication Agents?

- Replication Agents are used to perform Replication activities.

- Replication Agents are configured on Author and Publish.

- Generally you configure the following Replication Agents on the Author:

* Forward Replication Agents

* Reverse Replication Agents

- You configure the following Replication Agent on the Publish:

* Dispatcher Flush Agent

What is Default Agent?

By Default, a Default Forward Replication agent is configured on the author instance. This will point to a Publish instance running on port 4503. If you are running the Publish instance on a different port you need modify this on the Default Agent Configuration.

How do you access Replication Agents on an author instance?

Go to http://localhost:4502/miscadmin#/etc/replication and you can see all the Replication Agents configured on this CQ instance. (Assuming Author is running on 4502 port).