Configure User And Group In CQ

User Administration And Security

Configure User And Group

In this section we will cover how to create Users, Groups How to assign membership and change profile information including password.

Create User And Group:

CQ Provide console To create user and Group

  • Login to CQ using admin or any user with admin rights (We will cover how to change permission later). For this go to <HOST>:<PORT>/libs/cq/core/content/login.html
  • Once Login you will see welcome screen from there click on Users Tab
  • Click on Edit -> Create -> Create Users Or Create Group to create user or group.
CQ Create Users Or Group

Assign Membership:

  • Once you create Group you can double click on group and go to Member Tab
  • Then you can drag and drop user or group from left to member tab
  • After assigning members Hit "Save"

Change Profile Information:

  • To Change profile information double click on user or group then go to properties tab.
  • You can also change user preference by going to preference Tab
  • Click on Save after making changes
CQ Change User Profile

Change User Password:

  • In order to change user password, double click on user
  • Click on Set Password
  • Change password and click on set password
CQ Set User Password

Summary Of Security Console

CQ Security Console