CQ Performance Tuning Overview

Performance Tuning


While running CQ5 application you might come across performance issues. CQ OOTB application comes with some OOTB setting enable that might effect performance. Performance issue can be because of following reason.

  • Custom Application Issue: This could be anything, ranging from poorly written application, Third party application etc.
  • Product Issue: Some module of product it self is performing slow.
  • Hardware Issue: Performance issue could be because of hardware issue as well like disk I/O issue.
  • Network Issue: Network issue could also result in performance issue.

There are some basic rules that you should follow for optimizing performance:

  • Think about optimization during early stage of project.
  • Be realistic about optimization.
  • Know your hardware requirnment before project is started based on capacity and volume.
  • Optimize most important thing first and test before applying it to production.