CQ Thread Dump

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Thread Dump

  • System is performing slow
  • Response time is slow
  • Some of the request is responding slow
There are various way you can find set of current running threads in CQ:

Within CQ:

Go to HOST:PORT/system/console/config and navigate to thread tab to find all running thread.

Using java tool:
  • first find process ID of CQ process. You can use command ps -ef | grep java | grep <author or publish> in unix based system and Ctrl + Shift + Esc in window
  • Then you can use jstack tool to get thread dump using command jstack <PID> >> thread.txt and run same command for 10 times in interval of 2 second.
  • Once you have thread dump you can use any thread analyzer tool to find long running thread
You can use any of following tool to analyze thread dump

Some Useful Links: