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Tree Activation


Through Activation you can only activate one resource at a time or number of limited resource through multi select. However some time you have a situation where more than one files or a resource tree needs to be activated (For example new section of website is going live).

Using Tree Activation:

  • From site admin click on Tools -> Replication 
  • Then double click on activate tree. You can also directly go there by HOST:PORT/etc/replication/treeactivation.html

  • You can then select Start Path. All resource under that path and subpath will be activated. If Possible do not select path with a lot of children's in it. That might cause performance issue.
  • You can also various options for activation. Based on option selected all pages will get activated.
  • Here is what various options mean

Tree Activation Options

For Resource Option:
  • Only Modified: only activate pages that have been modified.
  •  Only Activated: only activate pages that have (already) been     activated. Acts as a form of reactivation.
  • Ignore Deactivated: ignore any pages which have been deactivated.
For Activation:
  •  Select Dry Run  if you want to check which pages would  be activated. This is only an emulation, no pages will be activated.
  • Select Activate  if you want to activate the pages.

Curl command to do Tree Activation:

Curl Tree Activation CQ

curl -u admin:admin -F cmd=activate -F ignoredeactivated=true -F onlymodified=true -F path=/content/geometrixx http://HOST:PORT/etc/replication/treeactivation.html

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